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Recycled Concrete Roadbase

$23.95 per ton

Recycled Concrete works well for driveways, parking areas, construction, home improvement and landscaping projects. Often used for the final grade when pouring new concrete, inside or out.

Recycled Concrete Roadbase is made from recycled concrete that is crushed and sized for uniformity. When applied 2-3 inches deep on driveways and parking areas it will last 4-6 years, and often longer.

When it's time to get your driveways, parking areas, RV and toy parking pads ready for winter

Recycled concrete roadbase is in very high demand because it's now mostly used as a clay free structural fill in new construction and to make new ready mix concrete. It is slightly more available than recycled asphalt because most roads, driveways and parking lots are made of concrete, so there is more material available to crush.

Recycled concrete can also be used for many types of projects that recycled asphalt can't, because of the chemicals in the asphalt. For most projects granite roadbase, granite or river rock class 1 structural fill dirt or crusher fines will work better for less money, won't have the strong concrete odor/smell and won't get dusty like the recycled concrete does in the summer. Call us today at 720-298-0948 to find out more about the different options and to get a free material and delivery bid to your home or business.


You do not need to install landscaping fabric under compactable materials. Compactable materials compact to form a solid, flat surface, so weeds cannot get light and moisture to grow (germinate). Examples; any type of roadbase, (recycled asphalt, class 6 granite or recycled concrete), class 1 structural fill dirt, granite or river rock crusher fines. If you want to spend the time and money to install the fabric and pins, it doesn't hurt anything.

How to Order the Correct Amount of Material

Measure the length and width of the area. Get the total square footage by multiplying the length by the width.

Once you determine your material and amount needed, call us at (720) 298-0948 or head over to our Request Bid page.


30 feet x 40 feet = 1200 square feet
1200 sq. ft divided by 100 = 12 tons

Tonnage example
product length width l x w = ft2 ft2 / depth tons
Recycled Concrete Roadbase 30 ft 40 ft 1200 100 12