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we save you money

If you need 8 tons or more of landscape material or construction aggregates


Multiple Use Landscaping Materials

Multiple use landscaping materials are different types of rock that can be used for multiple projects, with equally good results, that save you time and money on extra deliveries and help to finish your project faster and under budget.

We Save You Money

We have heard often over the years how much money our customers are saving but buying from (That's kind of our Business Plan!)

Here are some actual examples from the last few weeks of retail pricing from the landscaping materials companies compared to our everyday regular prices.

11th Ave & Havanaduct - 10 tons Pea Gravel
item price
Local landscaping materials company price $1078.23 price $614.22
Our Customer Saved $464.01
144th & Sheridan - 15 tons Class 6 Granite Roadbase
item price
Local landscaping materials company price $896.67 price $598.72
Our Customer Saved $297.95

Additional information

We should note that most landscaping materials companies have different prices for different groups; contractors, irrigation companies and homeowners. Homeowners get charged the most. We only have one price for everyone.

Here's How

When you buy materials from us you're only paying for the materials and delivery. You're not paying for all the extra costs associated with the operation of the landscaping materials company yards.

Additional costs such as the repeated handling of the materials that leads to more rock dust and foreign material in your landscaping material, the inventory expense of keeping all those materials in their yard, sometimes for months, all the overhead that goes with operating one of those yards and the per ton expense, added to the price of liability insurance that is added to the cost of materials to allow people to walk around and look at materials and to be able to load other peoples vehicles.

We only deliver and have an 8 ton minimum delivery. We can sell all colored rock they do and we buy it from the same places they do. We focus on the local river rock and mountain granite and related products; 3/4" minus and 1-1/2" Mountain Granite and Local River Rock, Pea Gravel, Concrete Sand, Squeegee, Class 1 Structural Fill Dirt, Granite and River Rock Crusher Fines and all sizes of Granite RipRap.

We give you an exact material and delivery price to your project, all costs included and do not surprise you. There are never additional costs or charges. Ever. And you get the freshest material direct from the quarry without all those extra costs and rock dust. Call us today at 720-298-0948 for with any questions and to receive a no cost or obligation material and delivery Bid. We really can save you money!


We do projects large and small daily ranging from our 8 ton minimum delivery to over 800 tons of Class 1 Structural Fill Dirt.

We can't always have someone on site to taking pictures of the materials, but we do all we can to have up to date pictures of all the materials we deliver on all our pages, so you'll know what your material will look like.

Call us today at 720-298-0948 for a no cost or obligation exact price material and delivery Bid, or any questions about the best material for your project. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Do It Yourself »

We know that the majoity of the cost of materials is locked up in delivery costs and service costs to have someone work the material into the proper position.


Bid is good for 30 days. There is no cost or obligation to purchase. Prices are subject to change without notice, however they are not expected to increase soon.

If you are not sure what material to purchase or how much to specify, give us a call to get help with your order. You must order the material in the correct unit prices. Cubic yards is used for mulches and compost, tonnage is used for everything else. There are material calculators on each page.