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Screened Fill Dirt

$16.95 per ton

A good compacting dirt, screened to 1/4" minus.

It works well for foundation drainage, filling in tree roots, filling holes, retaining walls, to build up a driveway or parking area base and many other home and ranch applications.

Fill Dirt has no fertility value and should never be used where you want anything to grow. Never use it in a garden!

Our Screened Fill Dirt compacts well but is not guaranteed to be clay free. Meaning when it gets wet the dirt may expand and damage concrete poured on it or retaing walls built on it. Call us if you have any more questions about this or any of our other materials.

It does not work for trying to grow anything. Even though it has been screened there is a small amount of rock (and possibly foreign objects) in it.


In most cases you're better off using Class 1 Structural Fill instead of generic fill dirt. Our screened fill dirt is not guaranteed to be clay free and can get mucky and slimy when it gets wet. It will clod up (which never break down) and will take a long time to dry up. Most of the lower quality fill dirt you come across have a minimum 10-20 cubic yard delivery. We have an 8 ton minimum delivery. In most cases the less expensive fill dirt will cost you more overall than the high quality, guaranteed Class 1 Structural Fill, which works great in all situations.

You do not need to install landscaping fabric under compactable materials. Compactable materials compact to form a solid, flat surface, so weeds cannot get light and moisture to grow (germinate). Examples; any type of roadbase, (recycled asphalt, class 6 granite or recycled concrete), class 1 structural fill dirt, granite or river rock crusher fines. If you want to spend the time and money to install the fabric and pins, it doesn't hurt anything.

How to Order the Correct Amount of Material

Measure the length and width of the area. Get the total square footage by multiplying the length by the width.

Once you determine your material and amount needed, call us at (720) 298-0948 or head over to our Request Bid page.


30 feet x 40 feet = 1200 square feet
1200 sq. ft divided by 100 = 12 tons

Tonnage example
product length width l x w = ft2 ft2 / depth tons
Screened Fill Dirt 30 ft 40 ft 1200 100 12