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Mountain Granite

$41.95 - $45.95 per ton

Decorative Landscape Rock

Multi-color Mountain Granite is the premier landscaping and Xeriscape rock available at Denver's best price.

The mix of gray, blue, white and pink colors in the 1-1/2" Multi-color Mountain Granite blends perfectly into all landscaping and Xeriscape designs.

4" Average Tracking Pad Mountain Granite - $41.95 per ton

After years of using the same two types of landscaping rocks; 3/4" or 1-1/2" Local River Rock or Mountain Granite, we are now selling '4 inch average Multicolor Mountain Granite' for residential and commercial landscaping use.

And for far less per ton than the landscaping companies do.

The rock ranges in size from 2 inch to 6 inch (4 inch average), one ton covers 40 square feet 2 layers deep. It is $43.95 per ton, plus your local sales tax on the material only and the delivery price.

Mountain Granite is one of the most popular types of decorative rock sold in the Denver area. This grayish-blue color is what we are seeing come out of the quarries in mid-2019. This color distinction can change at any time.

It contains a mix of colors and is a distinctive landscaping material that will give your landscaping design distinction.

1 ton of 3/4" River Rock covers 100 square feet 2 layers deep, 1 ton of 1 1/2" covers 80 square feet 2 layers or approximately 3" deep.

Mountain granite uses include driveways, parking lots, fire pits, culvert drainage, hillside drainage control, erosion control, xeriscaping,french drain construction, mulch substitute, dry creek bed construction and tracking pad rock.

Call us at 720-298-0948 for more information and a free, no obligation material and delivery bid on this or any of our other materials. You'll appreciate the contrasting look of the rock compared to the same decorative rock that and all your neighbors have been using for years.


When buying and installing any type of 3/4" or 1-1/2" rock, the standard depth is 2 layers, not 2 inches like some other materials. A 2 layer depth of 3/4" rock give you an approximate average depth of 1-1/2". 2 layers of 1-1/2" rock will be approximate depth of 3 inches. We say approximately because the rocks vary slightly in size. When spread evenly it helps to create total darkness under the rock, which helps stop weeds and grass from growing up through it.

Mountain Granite - The 3/4" minus makes for the best driveway and parking area rock, because of the angled edges.

4" Avg Tracking Pad Rock is primarily used for mud and dust control at the entrance and exit of building sites.

How to Order the Correct Amount of Material

Measure the length and width of the area. Get the total square footage by multiplying the length by the width.

Once you determine your material and amount needed, call us at (720) 298-0948 or head over to our Request Bid page.


30 feet x 40 feet = 1200 square feet
1200 sq. ft divided by 100 = 12 tons

Tonnage example
product length width l x w = ft2 ft2 / depth tons
Mountain Granite 30 ft 40 ft 1200 100 12