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Considerations When Hiring Landscaping Labor

When you hire someone to install landscaping materials on your property, there are some basic precautions to take.

All conversations involving the work to be done like removal of old landscaping and installation of new decorative material, or establishing a start date, finish date, payment timetable, etc., must be done by text or email. In other words, GET IT IN WRITING.

Some small companies will just remove or install the material you have purchased. Many will want to supply the material to you and have you install it.

You need to get an itemized bid or quote, stating per ton price of material required, amount of landscaping fabric purchased and installed, etc... Be sure and get a text or email copy of all project costs as well as scope of contract. Not the expected costs (wiggle room) or projected costs (more wiggle room).

The installers must include their name, company name, if any, their phone number, business insurance (if required), etc. This is to protect you. If the company says they have insurance, ask them for a copy of the policy and let them know them you are going to verify it.

If they don't have insurance, and many small landscaping companies don't, check with your home insurance carrier to see if your homeowners insurance covers any laborer injured working on your property. If it's not included in your policy, most companies can add it for a small amount of money.

Above all never, never, never pay anything in advance.