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We Deliver Your Materials Direct From The Source

You don't pay for handling the material several times or inventory costs (extra charges).

Because the material is handled less, you receive cleaner material for less money.

Of all the landscaping materials and construction aggregates available in the Denver Metro area, some are more popular than others because of their availability, versatility, price and demand. Many of these materials have multiple uses that may save you time and money when completing your projects. That is covered on the MUM page (multiple use materials).

For most popular decorative landscaping materials it is a toss up between 3/4 inch minus and 1-1/2" Mountain Granite or Local River Rock. They are both produced locally and are used by the majority of homeowners and builders because they are attractive and the least expensive materials. Both materials have many landscaping uses as well as driveways, parking areas, retaining walls and drainage applications. Next most popular is pea gravel, then squeegee, then sand.

The most popular construction aggregate used around the home, farm and ranch are Class 6 Roadbase. Because all local landscaping materials companies carry it in one form or another; Granite Roadbase, Recycled Concrete and Recycled Asphalt. Not all these products work well in all situations. See our MUM page for more information.

For most home projects like under pavers, artificial turf, driveways, parking areas, under garden sheds, RV, boat and motorcycle parking pads and under shipping containers you won't find a better material for the money to use in your project project. Fill Dirt is a versatile product, when purchased and used correctly. It is basically good for filling in swimming pools or large holes. It can be used for a variety of projects around the home, but we often wonder if many people are buying based only on the price, not what the best use is, which can cause themselves problems in the future. Fill dirt is generally poor material and is inert. That means it has little or no fertility and should never be used where you are trying to grow anything. That's why its fill dirt, not topsoil or roadbase, etc.. Most fill dirt for sale on the local internet sites is procured from construction or excavating companies for free, and that's about what it's worth! Once it is dumped on your property the purchase is legally complete. Fill dirt often has a lot of clay in it and can have large, very hard clods in it that make it difficult to work with unless you have a large machine.

We get about 1 call per month from people that purchased the "cheap" fill dirt off the Internet and it is so poor they don't even want it on their property. We screen our fill dirt, which means we run it through a machine that takes out the clods and makes it much easier to work with without a machine. It is still very poor material. Over the years we have found that in the vast majority of situations, Class 1 Structural Fill will work far better. It never has any clods, is also an inert material (no fertility) but it compacts, stays compacted, will not expand when it gets wet and is overall a far superior product for slightly more on a per ton basis.

Crusher Fines are the next most a popular and versatile product. We sell and deliver both Granite Crusher Fines and River Rock Crusher Fines. They are 1/4 inch minus (meaning the largest parts are 1/4 inch, down to the fines (minus). Made from crushing larger granite and river rock. Crusher fines are similar to breeze, but breeze has larger particles, usually 3/8 inch minus, are more expensive and don't always stay compacted as well. Breeze does come in different colors, if that is important to your project. Crusher fines are used for walkways and paths, under artificial turf and putting greens, under shrubs and hedges for inexpensive groundcover, driveways and parking areas, under and around fire pits, under and around pavers, flagstone and strip stone, horse stalls and pens, and any other use you can think of.

These are the most popular sold in the Denver Metro area for home and business landscaping projects and these are the products we sell and deliver the most of. There are many other landscaping materials available in the area. We buy them from the same places all the other companies do, we just don't mark them up as much because we deliver them direct from the source to you.

Pleas feel free to call us at 720-298-0948 if you have any questions about any landscaping material, their best, most economical use, to receive a no cost or obligation material and delivery Bid and our delivery schedule.