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Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Now

Spring is here. Now's the time to plan your lawn and garden projects.

The cooler days of spring will be gone before you know it and summer will be here. Let us help you get all your projects completed while it's cool, so you can play this summer.

Now is a great time to finish your landscape material projects such as; home foundation drainage, top dress your driveway with roadbase or gravel to be ready for heavy snow, renovate your landscaping in preparation for the holidays and so on.

Do it now while the temperatures are still comfortable and working the material is easy. As always we are here to help you schedule delivery and to provide a "No Cost or Obligation Bid” for all of your landscape needs. We are here to help you with the best materials, product knowledge and pricing. Call us Today!

We have beautiful 3/4 inch and 1-1/2" Local River Rock and Mountain Granite decorative rock that is very popular, both because it is so attractive and because in some cases our price is 50 percent less than the landscaping material companies.

Our Local River Rock is available in both 3/4 inch size and 1-1/2" size. The 3/4 inch rock covers 105 square feet, 2 layers deep and the 1-1/2" rock covers 80 square feet, 2 layers deep. It is necessary to put the rock at least 2 layers deep in order to create the total darkness under the material that along with the landscaping fabric helps to keep weeds from growing.

This is the same rock that the landscaping materials companies sell as Western or Multi Color River Rock for $60 dollars or more per ton.

Call us or click on the Request a Bid button to receive an no cost or obligation material and delivery Bid. The 3/4 inch and 1-1/2" Mountain Granite decorative rock is the most popular landscaping rock not only because it is beautiful but it is over 32 percent less per ton than the Local River Rock!

That means you can complete your project for 32 percent less money, or do 32 percent more landscaping! It is Denver's most budget friendly landscaping rock. Because it comes from the west side of Denver, delivery can be far less than the local river rock which comes from 30 miles north of Denver.

A quick note on delivery. It really helps to know your aggregates and where they come from. The closer the material is to the delivery address, the cheaper it is to deliver. As an example rip rap is heavy and it has to be hauled by specialized trucks, so the closer you are to the source, the less you spend.

Knowing where landscape materials come from and the suitable substitutes can really save you money, time and aggravation.

Call or email us for a material and delivery bid today.