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Multiple Use Materials

There are many types of landscaping materials that have multiple uses that may save you money.

Either on the material, but especially on delivery cost. They are Class 6 Roadbase, Class 1 Structural Fill, Crusher Fines (Breeze), Pea Gravel, Squeegee and Sand.

Example: Class 6 Roadbase - Specifically Granite or Recycled Concrete is also a Class 1 Structural Fill. It contains no clay, is non-expansive and it is always available throughout the metro area. It can be used under pavers and for your driveway or parking area, behind retaining walls, RV and boat parking pads, under garden sheds and shipping containers,under artificial turf, patio fire pits and garden paths, home and building foundation drainage and much more.

Rather than getting a delivery of 8 tons of Crusher Fines or Class 1 Structural Fill and 7 tons of Class 6 Roadbase for your projects, you may want to consider purchasing a 15 ton load of Class 6 Roadbase. It compacts to the same hardness and actually has a higher porosity index (drains better) than some of the other materials. It also works the other way too. At our prices Class 1 Structural Fill - is the same price as roadbase and will do everything it does, except make good roads. For all other uses it works exactly the same.

Granite or River Rock Crusher Fines - works well under pavers, artificial turf, garden and lawn paths, fire pits, as low cost landscaping material around trees and shrubs and much more.

Pea Gravel can be used for walkways and garden paths, dog and chicken runs, play areas, as inexpensive ground cover around shrubs and trees, parking areas and driveways. Squeegee can be used for small dog play areas and runs, chicken scratch, under swing sets and trampolines,walkways, garden paths, fire pits, etc.. Sand can be used for play boxes, under and around pavers, tilled into the garden to loosen the soil and add to moisture retention, for playgrounds and more.

3/4 inch minus Mountain Granite and River Rock is the least expensive decorative material in the metro area because it covers more area per ton than 1-1/2" rock for the same price. It is used for driveways and parking areas, around trees and shrubs, landscaping all around your home, behind retaining walls, french drains and various other drainage applications.

If you have any questions about these or any other materials we sell, please call us at 720-298-0948 of click the Request a Bid Button on any page of our site.

a photo of a pile of landscaping material.