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Our primary focus is sand, gravel, and recycled roadbase mined in the Platte River Basin.

We sell and deliver all landscaping materials, construction aggregates, soils and mulches available in the Denver Metro area.

Call us if you need any landscaping materials that aren't on our products list. We sell and deliver all the landscaping materials the other companies do in the Denver area. We buy it from the same distributors all the other companies do. We just don't mark it up 300%.

Call us at 720-298-0948 if have any questions about any landscaping or construction aggregate materials.

Crusher Fines

Crusher Fines work great for horse stall, paddock, and exercise areas, arena and roundpen base, and more!

Recycled Contractor's Rock

Recycled Contractor's Rock has many use's both as driveway bottom course, the entire driveway material, as well as retaining wall and drainage line applications.

River Rock Cobblestone

River Rock Cobblestone is a distinctive rock for specific uses such as; patio and walkway edging, retaining walls, plant beds, fire pits, steam beds and many other uses.

Rose Rock

It works best for walkways, around fire pits, around garden sheds, paths, decorative landscaping, around trees and shrubs, and anything else you can dream of.


Squeegee is used for dog runs, play grounds, walk ways, fire pits, landscaping and to blend with sand in horse arena's and round pens.