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Snapshots of projects and local conditions

From time to time people inquire about the scope of projects we are involved in. We service a variety of projects from backyard fill projects to 100,000 tons properly placed using trucks running on the hour.

Here is a small variety of the projects we are involved in and a big thank you to all the customers that have allowed us to film and take pictures of their projects. Thank you one and all!



  • Class 6 Granite RoadbaseWe delivered 90 tons of Class 6 granite roadbase for a new shop building parking area and driveway in Littleton. The customer wanted the granite roadbase because it more closely match the building color. Granite roadbase is a good choice if you want a natural roadbase with some color to it. One ton of roadbase covers 80 square feet 2 inches deep or 60 square feet 3 inches deep. We have an 8 ton minimum delivery and can haul up to 15 tons in our dump trucks.
  • SqueegeeWe delivered 30 tons of squeegee for the base of a round pen arena in Broomfield. After the homeowner spread it out and leveled it, we delivered 30 additional tons of washed arena sand for the top layer. Continued in next frame. >>>
  •  A 50/50 Mix A 50/50 mix of squeegee and sand gives your round pen the benefits of both materials and will wear better and last longer than sand alone.
  • Can Do Attitude!Recycled concrete roadbase spread dumped on a driveway in Arvada. We delivered and spread dumped 15 tons of recycled concrete roadbase on a residential driveway and parking area in Arvada. Roadbase is the longest lasting, least expensive material for driveways, parking lots and commercial yards. Continued in next frame. >>>
  • Small projects in the neighborhoodOur dump trucks can fit in places semi trailers can’t and spread dump the material. Once the recycled concrete is leveled out and compacted in should last 4-6 years. When compared to concrete or pavement it costs pennies per square foot, and often looks as good and lasts longer with minor maintenance.
  • 15 Tons of Washed Arena Sand 15 tons washed arena sand delivered for a round pen in the Conifer area. A second 15 ton load of squeegee was delivered a couple days later for the top layer. A combination of washed sand and squeegee helps to keep the sand from breaking down and getting dusty as quickly and it also aids with the drainage and slows the wind erosion of the sand
  • 1-1/2 inch Mountain GraniteThis is a large quantity of 1 1/2 inch mountain granite delivered to a new home in Brighton for the front yard landscaping. They chose the mountain granite because they liked the distinctive look and the price. Our 1 1/2” mountain granite is $28.95 per ton plus delivery. It covers 80 square feet 2 layers deep per ton.
  • Tight Places? We Can Help!Our dump trucks can fit in places semi trailers cannot, and we can spread dump the material to the approximate depth required and save you a lot of time and labor as well as diesel fuel. And if you have a tractor or bobcat (equipment), you can easily smooth out the final grade and compact the material. Otherwise a hand rake will give you fine control over the final placement of the material.
  • Which Material Should You Use?The best material for an RV or trailer pad is recycled asphalt. The best material if you are pouring a cement pad is recycled concrete.
  • How Much Does It Cover And How Much Does It Cost?One ton of roadbase covers 80 square feet 2 inches deep or 60 square feet 3 inches deep. Most RV and trailer pads should be a minimum of 3 inches deep. As long as the truck will fit in the RV pad, and there are no overhead obstructions, we will spread dump the material for no charge. Call for a "No Cost or Obligation" material bid for your RV or trailer pad or any other landscaping material or construction aggregate you may need.
Class 6 Granite Roadbase1 Squeegee2  A 50/50 Mix3 Can Do Attitude!4 Small projects in the neighborhood5 15 Tons of Washed Arena Sand6 1-1/2 inch Mountain Granite7 Tight Places? We Can Help!8 Which Material Should You Use?9 How Much Does It Cover And How Much Does It Cost?10