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Sand Four Sale

It's Volleyball Season!

We sell three different grades of sand for volleyball courts, concrete sand, playbox sand and volleyball sand. Concrete sand is $16.95 a ton.

Playbox sand is a medium fine sand and runs $19.95 a ton.

Volleyball is the finest sand you can get n the Front Range of Colorado and runs $32.95 per ton.

One ton of sand covers 100 square feet, 2 inches deep. Minimum order is 8 tons and the trucks will hold up to 15 tons. We deliver to the entire Denver Metro area and surrounding communities including Watkins, Bennett, Confier, Sedalia, Mead, ... (you get the idea).

Remember you can always call for a "no cost or obligation bid" to get an exact price including frieght charges.

Why we don't sell Mason Sand for Sandboxes.

The dust from the fine Mason Sand can cause cancer. Probably not often in the case of a sand box, but enough to not take any chances.

Crystalline silica has been classified as a human lung carcinogen. Additionally, breathing crystalline silica dust can cause silicosis, which in severe cases can be disabling, or even fatal. Crystalline Silica Exposure - OSHA

The best and least expensive materiel for a sand box is Concrete Sand. It is $19.95 per ton, 1 ton covers 100 square feet 2 inches deep. We have an 8 ton minimum delivery. If you don't need 8 tons we will gladly refer you to the closest reputable company in your area.

Washed Concrete Sand

sandboxWashed Concrete SandWashed Concrete Sand $19.95 per ton.

Meets all specifications to make concrete when blended with cement mix, and other forms of masonry grout.

It is also great for sand boxes, kids play areas and dog runs.

1 ton of sand covers 100 square feet 2 inches deep.

Playbox Sand

Playbox sand is a medium fine sand less course than concrete sand yet fairly a inexpensive option to the more expensive volleyball or sugar sand. $18.95 per ton.

Volleyball Sand

Volleyball is the finest particle sand available in the denver metro area and is similar to sugar sand. As it's namd implies volleyball sand is primarily used for high quality volleyball and play area sand. $32.95 per ton.


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Local River Rock

Tonnage Example - Use calculator below to determine amount needed
Product Length Width L x W =SF SF / Depth Tons
Washed Concrete Sand 20 Feet 60 Feet 1200 100 12

To Order the Correct Amount of Material

Measure the length and width of the area to be covered. If you don't have a tape measure, walk the length and width of the area. Figure each full step as 2 1/2 feet. Get the total square footage of the area by multiplying the length by the width.

Example: 20 feet long by 60 feet wide = 1200 square feet
1 ton of Washed Sand covers 100 square feet 2 inches deep.
For every 2 inches of depth you will need 12 tons of Sand

Please note: This is only a rough indication of the amount of material you may need. Actual dimensions may vary due to irregularities in soil types and established rough grade.

Once you determine your material and amount needed, call us at 720-298-0948

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