Sand Four Sale - Uses For Products

Uses For Soils, Fills and Landscape Materials

Choosing The Right Material for the Job. This general list of uses should help you choose the right material for your job. Too often we see someone using fill dirt when they really wanted topsoil, or use road millings when they really wanted asphaltic roasbase. Here are our recommendations for landscape material uses. Remember you can always call in to discuss your exact projecct.

Screened Fill Dirt - Use for foundation drainage, covering tree roots, filling low spots in your lawn, to build berms. Screened Fill Dirt IS NOT for gardens or sod. Fill dirt by definition is usually poor material. That's why it's not topsoil or structural fill, etc.

Screened Black Topsoil - Used for gardens, raised beds, lawns (seeded into or sodded over), root balls of tree's and plants.

Crusher Fines(Breeze) - Use for foot paths, fire pits, decorative landscaping, as a base for horse stall's, roundpens and arenas, batting cage bases, base for artifical turf lawns and putting greens.

Class 6 Granite Roadbase - Use for driveway's and parking lots, base for artifical lawns and putting green's, horse stalls, roundpens and arenas as well as some retaining wall applications.

Pea Gravel - Use for driveways and parking lots, foot paths, fire pits, playgrounds, dog runs and decorative landscaping.

Squeegee - Use for playgrounds, fire pits, driveways and parking lots, decarative landscaping, chicken houses and dog runs.

Local River Rock - Use for decorative landscaping, foundation drainage, retaining walls, driveways and parking lots.

Mountain Granite - Use for retaining walls, driveways and parking areas, retaining walls, hillside drainage, decorative landscaping and construction site tracking pad.

Cobblestone - Use for decorative landscaping and some retaining wall applications.

Concrete Sand - Use for sand boxes and play areas, to make concrete and stucco, horse arenas and roundpens as well as chicken and duck pens.

Recycled Asphalt Roadbase - Use for driveways and parking lots.

Recycled Concrete Roadbase - Use for parking lots, driveways and roads, fill material under concrete inside or outside and some retaining wall applications.

Class 6 Granite Roadbase - Use for roads, parking lot's and driveways. As a base for horse arenas, roundpens and stalls. Under concrete, foundation drainage and retaining walls.

Recycled Concrete Rock - Use for roads, driveways and parking lots on light or clay soil, retaining walls and aw tracking pad rock.