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Mountain Granite Rip-rap

Mountain Granite Rip-Rap

Above: Typical dry laid retaining wall detail. Consult a registered engineer if in doubt. Mountain Granite Rip-rap works well in a wide variety of applications. It is used for retaining walls, around culvert openings, on steep slopes to slow erosion, around the base of trees and many other uses.

4" Average Multi-colored Tracking Pad Rock - $39.95 per ton

6" average - Multi-colored Mountain Granite Rip-rap - $42.95 per ton

9" average - Multi-colored Mountain Granite Rip-rap - $44.95 per ton

12" average - Multi-colored Mountain Granite Rip-rap - $47.95 per ton

Mountain Granite RipRap - Larger sizes available by Bid

Average size rock is of the 2" - 6" is 4".

Average size of the 3" - 15" is 9".

Coverage Averages

2" - 6 " - 4" Average covers 32 square feet per ton - Tracking Pad.

2" - 12"  -  6" Average covers 34 square feet per ton.

3" - 15 " - 9" Average covers 23 square feet per ton.

4" - 21" - 12" Average covers 17 square feet per ton.

6" - 30" - 18" Average covers 11 square feet per ton.

9" - 42" - 24" Average covers 8 square feet per ton.

If you need more information or would like to talk over your project needs, just call the office and we can walk you through this. Remember these are guidelines, not absolute numbers.

Mountain Granite Rip-Rap

18" Avg. Mountain Granite Rip-rap

Notice: The yellow card placed in the image is 6-1/4" x 9". This rock is for extreme erosion control and usually used in commercial projects.

If you need this size, please call in for pricing.

Mountain Granite Rip-Rap

9" Avg. Mountain Granite Rip-rap

9 inch average Mountain Granite Rip-rap is usually the largest size used for most residential projects. It can be moved by hand as well as machine. It is most often used for dry stack rock walls, retaining walls, hillside erosion control, and decorative accents among usually among 1 1/2" or 3/4" minus Multi-color Mountain Granite. 1 ton of 9" Rip-rap covers 23 square feet. Rip-rap is usually housed in Gabian boxes.

6" Rip-rap 6" Rip-rap - Look at how gorgeous the 6" rip-rap looks installed. Each of these rocks were placed by hand!

This is far less cost per ton than the same rock from a landscaping materials company, and will look great for years.

6" Rip-rap 6" Rip-rap - Rip-rap used as a decorative border. Notice the difference in textures between the 6 inch and 12 inch Rip-rap.

6" Rip-rap 6" Rip-rap - This rock was installed a week ago and this is how it looks after receiving a little moisture. It really fits in the location beautifully. How great would this look at your house?

This is an example of a side hill installation of 6" rip-rap near City Park in Denver. It serves as an economical ground cover, a decorative rock and to slow water flow down the side hill. This is far less cost per ton than the same rock from a landscaping materials company, and will look great for years.

6" Rip-rap6" Rip-rap - The business card gives a sense of the size of the average rock. The 6 inch Average rip-rap ranges in size from 2 inches to 12 inches.

6" Rip-rap6" Rip-rap - Notice all the different colors. We cannot guarantee this exact amount of color, but we believe our multi-color mountain granite of all sizes, is the most attractive granite available in Denver.

6" Rip-rap6" Rip-rap - This is what the rock looks like straight out of the truck.

6" Rip-rap6" Rip-rap - 8 tons of 6” Avg. Multicolor Mountain Granite rock for a hillside erosion control project in the mountains. We sell all sizes of riprap available. Call today for pricing,

Multi-colored beautiful river rock9" Granite Rip-rap - Dry Rock: The granite (Rip-rap) is delivered with a thin layer of dust on it, because the granite is dry crushed and screened. It disappears quickly, often over night with the morning dew.

Multi-colored river rock9" Granite Rip-rap - Clean Rock: The rock is shown wet, it dries to a little lighter color. The 9 inch rock (Rip-rap) ranges in size from 3" - 15". It is the best large rock for most residential projects because it can be placed by hand or by smaller equipment.

Multi-colored river rock9" Granite Rip-rap - Close up.

Multi-colored river rock9" Granite Rip-rap - Pile. This is what the Rip-rap looks like delivered off the truck.

Multi-colored river rock9" Granite Rip-rap - Close up. This is very colorful rock.

9" Avg. Rip-rap, shown as it came off the truck. This dusty look gives way to colorful granite when wetted and cleaned. Because of the time of the delivery, it isn’t always possible to get perfect shadow free pictures of the material. We want to show you, as best we can, the range of sizes in the various Rip-rap classes.

9" Rip-rap ready to be placed in a project. Notice the rose colored rock in the center.

4" Rip-rap placed in a pile for landscape uses. When you go to a landscape materials company to look at 'your' rock. You are almost certainly looking at someone else's rock. They sell it so fast, you will not get the pile you are looking at. It will be sold before you get it. This is why we show you so many examples before hand!

12" Rip-rap shown in a delivered pile.

12" Rip-rap shown in a stabilized slope leading into a drainage channel. This is very decorative rock.

12" Rip-rap placed in drainage channel.

12" Ave. Multi-color Mountain Granite Rip-rap delivered to the country side for hillside erosion control. The 12" Avg. is a little big for most home owner projects. Call today for a no cost or obligation material and delivery Bid.

12" Rip-rap placed in drainage channel.

Tracking Pad (pile) - Various sized crushed mountain granite (2" to 6", 4" average), designed to keep dirt and mud on construction sites.

Tracking Pad / 4" Rip-rap - Tracking pad is being used more and more as a decorative landscape rock. Can also be used for minor or small scale erosion control.

Tonnage Example - Use calculator below to determine amount needed
Product Length Width L x W = SF SF / Depth Tons
2"-12" Rip-rap 24 Feet 15 Feet 360 34 10.58
6"- 18" Rip-rap 24 Feet 15 Feet 360 34 15.65

How to Order the Correct Amount of Material
Measure the length and width of the area. Get the total square footage by multiplying the length by the width.

Example: 24 feet x 15 feet = 360 square feet
360 sq. ft. divided by 34 = 10.58 tons 2"-12" Rip-rap
360 sq.. ft. divided by 23 = 15.65 tons 6"- 18" Rip-rap

Please note: This is only a rough indication of the amount of material you may need. Actual dimensions may vary due to irregularities in soil types and established rough grade.

Once you determine your material and amount needed, call us at 720-298-0948

Or use the Contact page to arrange for delivery and pricing.

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