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Notice of impendng price increase. New prices are shown here.

All orders scheduled before 3/15/21 for delivery up to 3/31/21 will be made for 2020 prices.

We sell and deliver all Landscaping Material, Construction Aggregates, Soils and Mulches available in the Denver Metro Area. You can see the most recent pictures of the material, coverage rates and best uses at this website! Call us at 720-298-0948 for any questions about any material. If you don't see the material you need listed here, call us. These are the locally produced materials that are the most popular among most Denver homeowners.

There is never any cost or obligation to receive a "to the penny" material and delivery Bid.

Material Depth and Application Calculation page. Applying the proper depth of material is essential to material depth calculations. Click here for a Material depth Chart. Price List
3/4" & 1 1/2" Local River Rock $54.95 per ton
3/4" & 1 1/2" Mountain Granite Rock    $39.95 per ton
Pea Gravel 3/8"                        $39.95 per ton
Squeegee 1/4" minus                    $36.95 per ton
Crusher Fines - Granite or River Rock.   $24.95 per ton
Mountain Granite RipRap - Larger sizes available by Bid
4" Avg. Mountain Granite Tracking Pad                   $41.95 per ton
6" Avg. Mountain Granite RipRap               $44.95 per ton
9" Avg. Mountain Granite RipRap               $47.95 per ton
12" Avg. Mountain Granite RipRap  $51.95 per ton
Local River Rock Cobblestone - Larger sizes available by Bid
2" - 4"                                  $66.95 per ton
3" - 6"                                  $78.95 per ton
Washed Concrete Sand. $28.95 per ton
Class 6 Granite Roadbase               $21.95 per ton
Recycled Asphalt Roadbase              $22.95 per ton
Recycled Concrete Roadbase             $21.95 per ton
Class 1 Structural Fill                $16.95 per ton
Screened Topsoil                       $39.95 per ton
Screened Fill Dirt                     $16.95 per ton
1"- 1/2" Recycled Contractor's Rock        $23.95 per ton
Recycled Concrete RipRap  3-6"        Ask for quote