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Rotomilling Vs Asphaltic Roadbase

There is a BIG Difference between crushed recycled asphalt and rotomillings.

Recycled asphalt has 3/4 inch and smaller rock and asphalt fines that make it compact almost as hard as an asphalt road over time.

Rotomillings are smaller pieces, because of the grinding, that sometimes doesn't compact and spread very well.

Recycled Asphalt is a far better product. That is why it is slightly more expensive. If you use quality materials the first time, your driveway will last far longer, for less.

We can get our tandem axle trucks easily in to and out of all driveways, we show up when we say we will and charge the price originally bid. We can also "Spread Dump" at no charge, with our trucks. Spread dumping is not perfect, but will save you a lot of shoveling.

No Roadbase lasts longer or works better than Class 6 recycled asphalt. Now is the time to repair your driveway, before the ruts and low spots get too deep. Recycled asphalt roadbase $8.95 per ton, 1 ton covers 80 square feet 2" deep, 15 tons covers 1200 square feet 2" deep or 900 square feet 3" deep.

We also sell and deliver concrete sand, local river rock, mountain granite, pea gravel, squeegee, screened topsoil, structural fill, crusher fines (breeze), rip-rap, 4" tracking Pad rock, recycled concrete roadbase and many other materials.

We sell only quality materials and stand behind them unconditionally. You can buy with confidence.

Delivery is extra, delivery address needed to quote exact delivery price. Call 720-298-0948 for a FREE material and delivery price quote, with any questions and to schedule a delivery.